Mile High EAA Chapter 43

Denver, CO

EAA Chapter 43 Scholarship Program

To further our efforts to advance aviation, EAA Chapter 43 currently has a scholarship program to help both youth and young adults to obtain an aviation education.


The Chapter is looking for applicants who have: 

         ·         A passion for aviation                         ·         Dedication to an interest – ‘Tenacity’

         ·         A concentration on school work         ·         Demonstrated aviation activities

We encourage anyone who is pushing the envelope of aviation to apply for one of our scholarship awards. The scholarships can be used for any aviation related education. This includes, but is not limited to, college, technical schools, flight training and the EAA Air Academy.  The scholarships amounts vary but have typically been from $750 to $1500. For 2018 the Cleon Biter Scholarship amount could total up to $5000, as part of a collaboration with the I Hart Flying Foundation.


·         In 2010, we helped three students obtain their solo check-outs and sent one student to the EAA Air Academy.

·         In 2011, we helped two students work their way to their solo check-outs and sent one student to the EAA Air Academy.

·         Our 2012 goals were exceeded with two students sent to the EAA Air Academy, two primary flight scholarships and two college scholarships given out.

·         In 2013 we gave out a total of six scholarships ranging from flight schools to the EAA Air Academy summer camp.

·         In 2014, we awarded scholarships to for three students to begin or continue pilot training, as well as sent one camper to EAA Air Academy summer camp.

·         In 2015, we awarded three flying scholarships and sent one camper to EAA Air Academy

·         In 2016 we awarded four scholarships, two for powered flight lessons, one for glider lessons, and one for EAA Air Academy summer camp.


The deadline for Cleon Biter Scholarship applicants:  August 10th

The deadline for remaining applicants:   November 30th

A link to the applications is provided below.  These must be in the hands of the committee chairman on the dates noted to be considered for prescreening.


Please review the age groups and dates for the EAA Air Academy if you are applying for camp and bring the camp title and dates to the interview.  The link for the Academy is: 

 EAA Air Academy website 


Selection Process:

1.   All applications will be screened as they are received.

2.   Interviews with the selected  applicants will be held August 10-22 for the Cleon Biter scholarship, and in the month of December for remaining scholarships.

3. The Cleon Biter scholarship will be announced on Friday August 24; remaining scholarships will be announced in January 2019.


If you have a desire to pursue aviation to a higher level, please fill out one of our application forms before the applicable deadlines. The required information is listed on the forms.

Cleon Biter Scholarship Application due Aug 10th

General Scholarship Application due November 30th

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